The Cuckoo Clock

Pumpernickel’s is also the home of the largest cuckoo clock in the United States. Carved in the Black Forest of Germany in the early 1960’s, the clock was displayed at the World’s Fair in New York and spent its first years outdoors at the Wiener Wald Restaurant in Times Square in the heart of Manhattan.

The spectacular carving depicts antlered deer atop, as well as rifles and intricately crafted rabbits, birds and oak leaves. In addition to its size, it is one of the last of its kind, as recent environmental concerns have prompted restrictions, and today, newly-crafted clocks display only living animals and prohibit the depiction of weapons.

Hans-Jürgen Winter, proprietor of Pumpernickel’s, was able to acquire the elegant and unique timepiece in the early 1990’s, restoring it to its original beauty and grace.

Local part- year resident and engineer John Simpson spent more than a year designing and implementing the intricate mechanism, which allows the clock to function.

The 10-foot carving has since remained in its present spot, commanding the attention of young and old alike, and faithfully tolling its tale every quarter- hour.